About Jessica


Jessica was born in 1985 in Cincinnati, Ohio. She was raised in the suburban outskirts, never made Prom Queen and studied at the Savannah College of Art and Design, where she earned a BFA in Production Design in 2007.

Jessica began doing makeup in 2003 and used her love for her craft to enhance her art education while working with local salons and wedding planners in the Savannah area. In 2007 Jessica attended Complections International Makeup Academy to feed her passion for creating flawless works of art through makeup. Jessica's work can be seen in print, film, and fashion editorials throughout United States and Canada.

Jessica currently lives in Savannah with her husband Terry, and dog children Wicket and Maro. 

. . . . . . . . . .

Jessica Duthu Professional Makeup Artistry was built 10 years ago, and though the company continues to grow with each flawless face, we choose to keep it small and personal, just like the first appointment. Jessica uses her background in fine art and comprehensive makeup schooling to create wearable art for print, film, editorials, and blushing brides.

Jessica and her team believe strongly that brides deserve to have that one and one attention, custom makeup design, and non-assembly line structure when getting their makeup done. That's why our motto is "No Big Production, Just Beauty"